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I just got my DJI Mavic Pro replaced as part of the DJI Care Refresh program, and they sent the drone with detached propellers for packing safety.

Damn…no instructions for reinstallation.

Back to square one!

Thankfully there was this helpful YouTube video to guide me.

The video is great, but if you’re in a hurry, here are the things to know below.

1. Mavic Pro Propellers are Color Coded

There are propeller with white circles and some without.

So you have to match the white colored ring propellors with the white on the wing arm snap mechanism (is that the name?

Pretty simple. The white circle rings face the same direction as each other, and they are not on the back or the front together – they are diaganol from each other – which is weird.

He talks about it here in the video:

I recommend laying out your gear first to plan accordingly.

Mavic Propellers

Four different propellers

mavic and propellers

Lay out the bird!

2. Press and Lock Propellor

It’s not super intuitive, but when you install the propeller, you press it in and turn it to the right to lock it, like so:

Pro tip: even after watching the video I did it the wrong way. I tried to force a white circle propeller into a non-white wing arm. Be sure you’re doing it right. The great thing is, the wrong propeller won’t fit the wrong wing, so just match it up and you’re good.

mavic wing

Get that lock

If it’s not going in smooth and twisting to the right, you’re doing it wrong. It should be smooth as butter.

3. Non-White Propeller Twist Left

He says in the video to twist right for the white ones, and then later on says to the left for the non-white ones.

It can be confusing without knowing that, so that will save you a few moments of frustration I hope!

What a beauty


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