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I will add a proper review later, but I’m loving the DJI Mavic Pro.

It flies so effortlessly in the air, it’s magical.

What makes the Mavic Pro better than other drones?

  • The camera is unbelievable: with a 3-axis gimbal (pitch, roll, yaw), your video will come out looking like a movie. Everyone I show the video to is just flabbergasted. It’s truly enlightening. A 2-axis gimbal (pitch, roll) like the DJI Spark results in less stabilized and amazing video.
  • Stabilization is amazing: the Mavic Pro will absolutely stay so still under moderate conditions, that you’ll just be amazed. Your friends will think you’re so cool with this thing and will be amazed.
  • So responsive to the touch – and forgiving: what makes cheap quadcopters different from drones like the Mavic Pro is that while they are responsive to movements on the controller, they’re also forgiving. Pressing right on the stick and letting go would drive your cheap quadcopter to the ground. On the Mavic, as soon as you stop, it stops
  • It’s built tough: while made of plastic components, it’s a sturdy, strong plastic that doesn’t feel cheap by any means. There are also strong and lightweight metal components on the body where needed, such as the underside of the Mavic and the gimbal components
  • OMG – 40 mph in sport mode: this is more advanced, but the Mavic Pro sport mode is scary fast. First, it disables obstacle avoidances – scary. Second, it doubles the speed of the drone, from 20 mph to 40 mph – fast. There are even rumors that it can go 65 mph with a strong wind at its back.

How the Mavic Pro makes me a better person:

  • It encourages me to go explore new environment: I want to go shoot new scenes, and more beautiful ones all the time.
  • I makes me go outside in general: I’m getting fresh air without exercising. I find walking boring, but going out with a Mavic Pro and walking and shooting? Epic.
  • Diversifies my interests: beyond working out and traveling, most of my interests and entertainment come from computer screens or the phone. It’s not healthy to spend so many days looking at a screen. And while the Mavic Pro still uses a screen, it’s more of a blend and a healthy activity than playing a computer game


I didn’t research for hours before buying the Mavic Pro.


A friend posted some amazing shots to Instagram. I watched a few jaw-dropping YouTube videos. The reviews everywhere were amazing.

That’s why I’m in love with my new Mavic Pro, and think it’s the best drone in the world.

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